Chapter one The Blood King Jimin X reader <3
Chapter one The Blood King Jimin X reader <3 heath ledger stories

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What happens when you walk home alone?

Chapter one The Blood King Jimin X reader <3

Author note Before we start I want you to know this story has Heath ledger in it along with Jimin of course. Also this was from my old Wattpad but I added to it to make it sound better.

Y/N P.O.V (Just so you know the background is Heath L.) I was walking around town in the middle of the night by myself. Smart I know. (your being sarcastic just so you know.) There weren't many people out at this time. I was looking down when walking and I bumped into something hard but it wasn't that hard not like a wall. When I bumped into them I fell on my butt.

"Are you ok ma'am?" The voice of a man asked form above me. "Just call me Y/n." You said then he took my hand to pull me up so I could stand. "I think I am." I said shyly. "Now where are my manners?" He then cleared his throat to regain my attention. "My name is heath, Heath ledger that is." He said it to make him sound like a supper hero or something. "Thank you Heath." I thanked him with a smile.

"What is a girl like you doing at a time like this?" He asked then you noticed he had a accent. "Um I guess just getting some air and going on a walk." You said to him. "May I tag along?" He asked then it hit you his accent was Australian. "Um sure why not." You said then you walked around in silence. Your phone was the one breaking it by ringing.

'On the phone' Y/N: Hello? Jimin: Y/n you need to get home right now! Y/N: Okay but you have to tell me whats going on as son as I get home. Jimin: Okay I will, bye. 'Off the phone' Heath was looking at the stars when you spoke. "I have to go, It was nice meeting you!" You said then started running.

Author note: I hope you liked my second Fan Fiction! I will be doing some new chapters soon but I may put it on hold for a while. Love you guys <3

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