My host brother - Chapter one
My host brother - Chapter one yugyeom ff stories
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Y/n just met her host family for the next few years and something unexpected happens to her . Her life maybe changed for the better or the worst.

My host brother - Chapter one

Y/n is a sixteen year old girl who wants to transfer to a different school in a different country. She has never been to a different country let alone live with people she doesn't know. One day she was assigned to a family that lived on the other side of the world. She was assigned to the Kim family who lived in South Korea. Y/n never really learned how to speak Korean so this my be a bit difficult to talk to them.

Y/n POV I just got off the plane and headed to the exit when I saw a small family holding up a sigh that said 'Welcome to Korea Y/N!' (The words were in a heart.) I was so happy to see that they waited for my arrival. I smiled to myself and walked toward them.

Unknown pov A pale brown haired girl just exited the plane and walked toward the exit. My family started to go crazy "There she is, thats Y/n!" My mom shouted and jumped around in excitement. The girl slowly made her way over to us and shook my fathers hand. "Hello Mr. Kim." She said politely and smiled. Her smile was so gorgeous.

Y/n pov After I shook Mr.Kim's hand we all walked to their car. (This is their car) Their car was way cooler then I thought their family car would look like. "Y/n that's Yugyeom's car but you can ride with him if you want to." Mrs.Kim said and I looked at her confused because I didn't know who she was talking about. Then a guy came over to the car and unlocked it.

He was a bit older then me. "He's so cute!" I thought to myself and shook the thought away. I could feel my face heat up when he walked up to me. He reached over me and put his hand on the car. I had to bit my lip to try and not blush but that didn't help. "Um your kind of in the way." He said holding the car door open for me. "Oh I'm sorry." I said shyly to him trying not to draw anymore attention to myself then I already have.

Yugyeom put my luggage in the trunk for my and got into the car. When he started the car it roared to life, It sounded like a lion. "wow." I said to myself but Yugyeom heard my amazement. "You like the sound?" He asked then revved the engine. The whole car began to vibrate with the sound.

Third person pov Yugyeom watched Y/n's face for her reaction. Her eyes got wide as she felt the car vibrating then she smiled at the familiar sound of the revved engine.

-flash back- The Jackson sat behind the wheel revving the engine for his daughter who sat in the back of the car. He looked over hearing her giggles and laughter. -End of flash back-

Yugyeom pov Y/n looked like she was thinking about something deeply. She seemed to shake out of it after we started to drive home. The drive was silent and the atmosphere was a bit awkward. We listened to the radio on the way home and one of my bands songs started to play. "nan Never Ever Ever Never Ever" I sang while I drove.

Y/n pov While Yugyeom started to sing and his voice was so mesmerizing. He sang all the way to his house. "Y/n are you ok?" He asked looking at me with concern. "Your voice is beautiful." I whispered still mesmerized. He then smiled and laughed. "Could this boy get anymore handsome?" You asked yourself.

Yugyeom carried your stuff into the house and to your room. Their house was like a mansion and it was so beautiful. Mr and Mrs. Kim had already made it home and Mrs. Kim was cooking dinner. "Y/n what is your favorite food?" Mrs. Kim asked and added "I would gladly make it for you." "I don't really have a favorite food." I told her and she just nodded. "I hope you will find your favorite food today." she smiled.

"You should go check out your room Y/n" Mr. Kim said and gestured up the stairs. I headed to my room and Yugyeom was still there sitting on the bed. I looked around my bedroom in awe. It was gorgeous, The room had a different shades of blue all around it and had gold accent furniture. "You might need help unpacking so I waited until you came to see your room." Yugyeom said and gesture to the boxes.

"Oh yeah that would make if go a bit faster so I appreciate the help." I said then walked over to my boxes. "I labeled all the boxes so it would be easier to put away." I told him. "Why do you have a box labeled 'candles'?" He asked and opened it. His eyes went wide as he saw the collection of all my candles. I laughed at his reaction and said

"Have you not seen that many candles before?" He looked at me and shook his head. He picked one out of the box and unwrapped it turned out to be my favorite scent. "Cupcake" we said at the same time and looked at each other. -time skip- We finished unpacking and we sat on my bed and talked about school and what things Yugyeom liked to do when he was bored.

"Time for dinner!" Mrs. Kim yelled from down stairs. "Well I guess its time for dinner." Yugyeom laughed and stud up. He held out his hand to help me stand. I took it and stud up. We walked down stairs and headed to the dining room. The table was set and it was beautiful.

-Yugyeom pov- She was still holding my hand and for some reason I was ok with it. We entered the dining room and she let go of my hand and I felt sad but shook it off. We sat down at the table to eat and Y/n sat in front of me. We had a small house party too celebrate Y/n's arrival. But I wouldn't have called it a party because all we did was eat, talk and give her small presents.

Y/n pov I didn't expect them to throw a party for me but they did. I was so happy they got to be my host family. -time skip- After the party I was SO tired. "Y/n why don't you head to bed you must be so tired from the time change and all the unpacking you did." Mr. Kim said but I didn't hear all of it because I fell asleep.

Third person pov Yugyeom had picked up Y/n and carried her to her room. He slowly placed her in her bed and made sure that she would be warm. Yugyeom walked across the hall to his bed room and fell asleep when he hit his bed.

Author note I hope you all like this Fan fiction but I don't know when I will be able to up date it. I have been very busy lately and I hope all of you have a great day! <3 Writing this took about 4 hours lol but I'm totally ok with it because I haven't updated in so long <3

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