Chapter two The Blood King Jimin X Reader
Chapter two The Blood King Jimin X Reader jimin stories

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Why is he like this?

Chapter two The Blood King Jimin X Reader

You were running so fast that you tripped over your own shoe. You landed hard against the sidewalk then you head something coming from the ally-way. Then a voice was heard "Hey fellas are drink is finally here." The voice was scary and was getting louder as it came closer. "W-who is th-there?" You asked stuttering. "Oh don't be scared little blossom."

A man's figure was seen in the dark but you couldn't see much of his facial features. But you could see his glowing eyes. He then came into the light and he looked handsome but his eyes were the scary part. You could see what color they were but it wasn't a normal eye color they were purple mixed with red. He walked closer to you making you back into a wall.

"Help! Someone Help!" You screamed tears welling up in your eyes. "Pretty blossom don't be a bad girl for us and-" He got cut off by Jimin running in and cutting there throats making an Iron smell go into the air. The man's blood went everywhere and the sight of it made me sick.

"Y/N are you ok?" He asked when he know that the man in front of me was dead. You where in shock but nodded your head 'yes'. He found the other men hiding in the dark ally and some ran but others tried to fight. Jimin ending up beating all of them until they were unconscious. He then took your hand in his blood covered hand and ran.

We got home and we both sat on the couch breathing hard from running. "What were you thinking?" Jimin asked and you would think he would be made but he was concerned. "I was walking hom-" I started to say but he cut me off by scooting closer to me. He touched my hand with one hand then with his other he touched you lips with his thumb.

You blushed at his movement and turned your head to look away. Now he had both hand on your red cheeks making you look at him. Your breath stopped when he did so. He leaned closer to you and your lips brushed each others. But before you could get your first ever kiss he pulled away. You looked at him in surprise and you felt rejected.

Author Note: I hope you liked this chapter! I will try to do some more soon! <3

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