Chapter three The Blood King Jimin X Reader
Chapter three The Blood King Jimin X Reader the blood king stories

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Who is the mystery person Jimin want you to met?

Chapter three The Blood King Jimin X Reader

I had locked myself in my room after what happened with Jimin. "Y/N!" He yelled. You were sitting on your bed looking out the window. "Can you come out here please?" Jimin asked. He found out the door didn't lock all the way. He slowly stepped into my room. "I thought I locked that." You said looking down at his feet in disappointment. "You didn't close it all the way." Jimin said with a laugh.

"I'm sorry I ran away from you, Chim-Chim." You said into your knees. "No, its fine." Jimin said walking to Y/n's bed. He then sat next to you and asked "Do you truly trust me?" You looked at him in confusion but answered truthfully "Yeah, of course I do. Why do you ask?"

Jimin didn't speak but looked as if he was debating about something. "Jimin what are you thinking about? Your scaring me." Y/n said. "I want you to met someone." That's all Jimin said before walking down stairs

"Jimin where are you going?" You yelled after him while running outside to his car. "You trust me don't you? So I'll let you met HIM." Jimin said "Jimin who is HIM?" You asked not knowing what was about to happen. (The background is Jimin's car)

Author note: I hope you guys liked this chapter I will try to post the next chapter later today or tomorrow. <3

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