Chapter seven The Blood King Jimin X Reader
Chapter seven The Blood King Jimin X Reader  jimin stories

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Who is the king and why is he being so nice to you?

Chapter seven The Blood King Jimin X Reader

Yoongi took the rope off of your hand and feet while you were unconscious. He then carried you to a spare bedroom and left the room after he had covered you up. -Time Skip- I woke up thinking I was still in the basement until I felt something soft underneath me. There was a note at the foot of the bed.

The note said: I hope you feel better soon, here are some pills for your head. Breakfast will be down stairs when your done washing up. -Yoongi ;)

I grabbed the pills and found the bathroom or at least what you thought was the bathroom at first. It turned out to be the closet so I took a T-shirt that was at least three sizes to big. Then found a pair shorts that you could adjust to make tighter. I walked out of the closet and tried to look for the bathroom.

It took me at least five minutes to open all of the doors that connected to the bedroom to finally find the bathroom. When you found the bathroom you took a nice hot shower. After that I found a toothbrush on the counter by the sink that Yoongi put there for you. After you were done you walked out of the bedroom. The house you had been in turned out to be a mansion.

Author note I hope you like this chapter!

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