Chapter seven Jimin/Taehyung X Reader
Chapter seven Jimin/Taehyung X Reader jimin stories

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Chapter seven Jimin/Taehyung X Reader

3:26 A.M Y/n had turned Jimin into a vampire. You had left the dorm scared at what you just did to him. Y/N walked through the dark streets heading to safty. You arrived at your destination looking at the gloomy house in front of you. The windows were dim when you walked closer and knocked on the door. Y/N could hear movment within the house.

Taehyung opened the door only wearing swat pants . He looked up rubbing his eyes. "Y/n what are you doing here at this hour?" Taehyung asked while yawning. "I'll tell you in a minute." She said while Taehyung opened the door wider and let you in. You looked at his living room in amazement. There was a black leather couch with matching arm chairs.

There was a blue tented glass coffee table placed near the middle of the living room. He had a huge TV that was mounted on the wall and framed to look like a photo. Y/n walked into Taehyung's kitchen and there were cherries on his counter but they looked darker then normal. She then walked over to them and ate it. Taehyung was looking at her not saying a word.

The cherry was sweater then the ones she remember having as a child. "These are so good!" smiling and ate more of them. Taehyung spoke when she was still stuffing her mouth full of them. "Those cherries have blood in them." He waited to see her reaction and it was priceless. She ran to the trash can and spit them out then ran to the sink to wash her mouth out. Taehyung stared at her and laughed to himself.

He whispered to himself saying "You are so cute.

Author note I hope you like it and the next chapter will be the last of this fan fiction. But If you guys want me to write more I will try.

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