Chapter four The Blood King Jimin X Reader
Chapter four The Blood King Jimin X Reader heath ledger stories

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Who is the guy jimin spoke of?

Chapter four The Blood King Jimin X Reader

Jimin's car door was opened but I couldn't see inside. Jimin's windows were also tinted so It made it even harder. Something happened but I don't know what it was but when the person got out of Jimin's car. My heartbeat picked up and I was shocked. The person was Heath but he looked slightly different. I couldn't pin point what the difference was. This was the second time we met.

"Meet Heath." Jimin said then shock Heath's hand. Heath didn't look at Jimin but instead he was staring at you. "Its nice to see you again y/n." Heath said putting his hand in his pocket. Jimin looked shocked that Heath already knew you. "You know each other?" Jimin asked in disbelief. "Yes we do." Y/n and Heath answered at the same time. You and Heath laughed because Jimin looked so serious.

After Y/n and Heath stopped laughing Heath asked "May I go inside now it quit cold out." "Yes you may." You answered him but Jimin answered "No". -Time Skip- It was late at night now and we all sat in the living room. Jimin asked you the worlds weirdest question ever.

"Y/N do you know what we are?" Jimin asked then pointed at himself and then at Heath. Your mind went to what happened earlier that day. Jimin used his fingers to cut the men in the ally-way. Then you feared that would happen to you one day. Because of that thought you didn't say a word a ran straight to your room. You made sure it was locked this time.

Author Note I hope you liked this chapter I will post the next chapter ether later today or tomorrow.

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