Chapter 5: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon
Chapter 5: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon namjoon stories

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Chapter 5: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon

You and Namjoon had sat on the couch cuddling while watching a movie. You wanted to keep him happy so you didn't ask why he didn't like fire. We were watching Friends and drinking our hot coco. It was a cold morning so you and Namjoon had blankets around both of you. You both finished your hot coco but still wanted to be in each others company.

You finish season one of Friends and you saw what time it was. It was already 6:35 A.M. Namjoon had to be at work by 7. You raced into the kitchen with your mugs and put them into the sink.

Your POV I started to make eggs and bacon for breakfast. Namjoon had to be at work in 25 minutes. Namjoon went to his apartment to get his outfit for work. He's apartment was right across from yours so it didn't take him long. He came back right in time for him to eat. "Namjoon slow down I don't want you to choke." I said looking at him.

He had 10 minutes until his shift started. He finished his food and kissed me on the cheek while running out the door with his car keys. You were shocked you put your hand over where he kissed you. You were so happy.

-Time Skip- After I washed the dishes I walked into the living room and saw the application for the coffee shop Namjoon worked at. I sat on the couch to fill it out. After filling it out you thought about going to go get some coffee and turn in the application. I made sure to bring my keys with me and walked to the coffee shop.

Once I got inside it was like summer. The temperature in here was way warmer then outside. I saw Namjoon behind the counter taking a customers order. He was smiling warmly at the customer and I could see his adorable dimples. I waited in line until it was my turn to order. "Hey Y/n what can I get you?" He asked as if I was a normal customer. I told him I wanted a black coffee and I also handed him my application.

Namjoon looked at it for a moment and tore it into pieces. I looked at him in disbelief then he said with a warm smile "Your hired and you can start tomorrow." I didn't know what to do I just was happy and very excited to work with my boyfriend. I got my coffee and sat at a table near the counter. I stayed at the coffee shop until Namjoon had to close for the day.

"Do you want to go get something to eat?" Namjoon asked and he looked very tired even though it was only noon. "What do you have in mind?" I asked looking away from my laptop I brought with me. "How about we go get Chinese take-out?" He looked excited to actually go do something because we were here the whole day. I agreed and we went into his car.

Author note: I'm sorry for taking a while to update this FF. I have been really busy lately and didn't really have time to work on it. I hope you liked this chapter even if it was shorter then normal.

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