Chapter 3: Is this a dream?
Chapter 3: Is this a dream? f/f stories

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Who is he and what does he want?

Chapter 3: Is this a dream?

Jimin sent you to your room to freshen up. You looked through the closet and there were dresses and your favorite sweaters in it. Though they weren't the same sweaters they were brand new. They were all in your size even the dresses had your exact size. "There beautiful aren't they?" You heard a voice and looked around for the source. You knew it was Jimin but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Princess look up." You heard Jimin say. You looked up to see a pair of stairs that lead to the roof top. "Come here princess I want you to see something." You did as told and when you got up the stairs Jimin put his arm around you and pulled you up more stairs. You were now on top of Jimin's huge mansion. The sun was going down and it was beautiful.

Your mouth fell open at the sight of it all. The trees had faded into the sun light. It was all so gorgeous. "I'm glad you like it as much as I do." Jimin laughed and hugged me. I was to shocked about everything to even move. We watched the sun go down until it was no longer visible. Jimin left shortly after that and he told me to wear something nice. I took a shower and started to get ready.

I heard a knock on the door. "I'll be right there just give me a minute." I said as I slid into my dress. It was black and had blue feathers at the bottom. (This is the dress) The knock came again but I didn't get to tell them to hold on. A young women probably in her late 20 walked in and looked at me up and down. She looked like she approved of my outfit. "Turn around." The women said in a stern voice.

I did as told and she zipped up my dress for me. "Thank you." I said to her. "Don't thank me I'm just a servant." She said and turned away to go out of the room. "But your not just a servant. Your a human just like me and your beautiful." I told her and she turned back to me with tears in her eyes. She didn't say anything she just looked at me. "Thank you." She whispered and walked away.

"Princess! Come down for dinner!" Jimin yelled from downstairs. I just got done putting my heels on and stood in front of my body length mirror. I spun around and looked at my dress. It was so beautiful. I walked out of my room and started down the stairs. "Y/n, Princess you look so beautiful no gorgeous." Jimin said and stood up from his seat at the table.

I didn't know what to say. I walked over to him and hugged him. "Thank you." I said and thats all I could say. "Shall we eat?" Jimin asked and I nodded in response. After we ate we sat at the fire place. "Shall we meet the man of the house?" Jimin asked

Author note: I hope you all like this chapter its a bit shorter then normal but I hope you all have a good day!

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