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mellon Soo, Wattpads blocked so im here. um yep
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Right, Wattpads blocked on school laptops soo, I'm here, and uh one-shots, of Dreamnotfound because well, I see zero stories of DNF.

Dreamnotfound one-shots

Right, Hi, I need some suggestions for one-shots. I already have one Im, most likely going to post. (Also like, don't get your expectations up too high.)

I won't do;

-Smut / Lemons, I don't really like when Dream and George are sexualized.

-Angst, maybe I will, once or twice but most of the stories won't get angst.(you can still give angst sugg might do them)

-Highschool type thingys, they're overrated and I don't really like them.

That's pretty much it, might add to it might leave it like this but those are things I won't be doing.

The Playful Fight

Dream POV “Fight me.” “What?” I turn around to find George staring at me smirking, “Fight me, Dream!” He swings the axe in his hand towards my chest just inches away, I chuckle and bring my hand up to the axe bringing it down, then taking out my own axe to which George smiles brightly, “You realize I am going to beat you, you know?” to which he just shrugs,

“Sure, Dream, sure” he just rolls his eyes and looks at me determinedly to which I wheeze slightly looking at his stance. He runs towards me and jumps with his axe in an attempt to strike me as I move away dodging his attack, I put up my axe in a shielding mannar blocking George’s attack. I push my axe towards him as he blocks with his very own axe,

I push him towards the tree behind him a bit forcefully, to which he widens his eyes and I smirk. “AAAA-” I gasp for a moment and scream for a slight millisecond as I fall towards the ground seeing as George ducked down and swung his foot across the ground towards my legs making me fall down, he then chuckles, swings his axe and points it at me as I roll out of the way of his axe of which stuck to the ground to his dismay.

I stick my own axe in the ground and tackle George to which he gasps as we roll down the small somewhat uplifted land, once we reach the bottom, in a very short time I pin him to the ground.

George POV Dream pins me to the tree, so I duck and swoop him from his feet as he gasps, I chuckle and bring my axe up to strike him, but I fail as he rolls out the way, I look over to him as my axe gets stuck in the ground, and attempt to pull it out. I immediately gasp as Dream tackles me and we start rolling down the “mini-hill” we reach the bottom in a very short time,

Dream then pins me to the ground and I can feel my cheeks heating up, he wheezes slightly as I smile awkwardly he then starts staring at me, “Dream?” He then leans over to my ear, “I told you I'd win.” He then chuckles still pinning me down, his eyes seem yellow to me, I know they’re green but, even so they’re still so beautiful, his lips soft, his cute freckles, his amazing structure.. He’s so perfect..

“Georgeee~” I quickly snap out of my thoughts blushing intensely, “I’m sure it’d be fun topping you everytime.” I gasp as soon as he says that, “DREA-!!” He leaned in, softly placing his lips on mine, I didn’t know what was happening at first, I just closed my eyes, everything he does is so soft, so gentle, I melt at his touch.

Dream POV I kiss George gently, he’s like a soft cuddly bear. I feel in complete bliss I feel like I could kiss him forever. The kiss felt like it lasted for eternity.

Sapnap POV I went outside, last time I saw Dream and George they were outside I have apple juice in my hand as I walk outside to see Dream pinning George I get a bit closer to see them making out, it’s really not surprising, but finally. “Are you guys done making out?” They immediately break the kiss causing me to snicker as they both pant, then both look over to me, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing almost spilling my apple juice.

Okayy, suggestions noww uhm that was probably bad, idk you guys tell me.


George POV I was walking towards the Great Hall, when I got pulled by someone. The one and only, Dream. I roll my eyes and scoff playfully, "What do you want Dream?" I joke, "You~" I feel my face burn up and I hit him jokingly while rolling my eyes at him as he wheezes, I shake my head, "Have you even eaten breakfast yet Dreamy?" through wheezes he says no.

"I was waiting for you," I chuckle and grab his hand heading inside the Great hall, we usually eat breakfast at my houses table, and sometimes we'd see some other Slytherins at our table, and eat dinner at his houses table. As we sit down our other friend, Sapnap coming towards us, and for the rest of breakfast we'd laugh and talk about stupid things. We all planned to go to Hogsmeade after-school.

Dream and I had potions for first period, sadly Sapnap had charms. As we were walking Dream held my hand, we were both used to it seeing as we hold each others hands a lot. Like homies do am I right aha- (I AM SO SORRY LMAO) Dream was always flirting with me, it was never with anyone else, it made me feel special.

Dream POV We got to potions class finally, I couldn't stop smiling ever, when im with George he so sweet, he's perfect. I just want to hug him everytime I see him, and his smile just melts (ibyymm) my heart. *Time skipping noises smhHH*

*after school aha* George, Sapnap, and I just arrived at Hogsmeade, I was planning on getting George something, after all valentine's day was just around the corner, I thought about a teddy some chocolate and flowers but thats really cliche and the authors a lazy ass.

I ended up getting George some chocolates and anything blue I could find. We all gathered back and started heading home, during the trip I too decided I'd tell George how I actually feel about him.

*weewoo skip* I told George to meet me at the astronomy tower. I heard come up hence I turn around to see him, his skin looks beautiful, the moon light complimenting it. "Why'd you wanna meet?" I bring out the gifts I got him and give them to him, hes gapes and quickly thanks me smiling greatly.

"George.." He hums in response looking up at me, "I need to tell you something, he nods his head signaling me to continue and I look at him in the eyes, "George, I uh..I love you." he chuckles lightly and responds with, "I know, I love you too." I don't take my eyes off him, "George.."I pause, "I love, you." he finally realized what I meant as he stares shocked.

"i- you know- uhm- I'm sorry, I shouldn't've I-" "I love you too." He smiles at me and hold my hand as a tear falls down my cheek and I hug him. I now have a smile that will stay on me, forever.

AAAAAA- I'm so sorry if you didn't like it -^- I triedd aa anymore suggestions tho-?

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