Would we...

mellifluousAn incurable hiraeth for a time gone
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Would we...

by mellifluous

I saw you standing there. Running your fingers through your hair.

You seemed frustrated. Like all of your knowledge of the Civil War had faded.

I'd never been to this section of the library before. Your leather jacket hypnotized me. You and it my mother would deplore.

Then, I started to imagine our life together. I don't exactly know why.

Would your touch be like a feather? But your music make my brain fry?

Would we ride your motorcycle up to the cliff and watch the stars? Would we go to the drive-in in one of your vintage cars?

Would we be the couple people could only dream about? Walking down the hallways hand in hand, not looking at anyone but each other.

I was shaken out of my trance and was face to face with your pout. "Could you help me with my report? It's giving me a feeling of helplessness I can't smother."

I laughed and I wondered, "Would we be forever?"

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