Little Box Part 2 of 2
Little Box Part 2 of 2 little-box stories
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melitose Pretty sweet.
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Little Box Part 2 of 2

by melitose

They continued to walk down as the forest got thicker and thicker around them, making it even darker than before.

He even pulled out his phone to give some light while simultaneously yelling the dog’s name. She had told him the first thing that came to mind, which was Spot.

The obliviousness of the man never even crossed her mind. It worked out well for her after all since she wouldn’t have to make small talk afterall.

She still couldn’t believe how perfectly it was going. He even took the lead of going further and further down the path. This man would be a beautiful trophy in her collection.

With just the thought, she touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. She could practically drool thinking of what was going to happen next.

With that in mind, she decided they were well enough into the forest, outside of hearing range hopefully. She walked ahead a couple steps and then stopped abruptly in front of him.

It may have not been the safest approach, considering that pouncing from behind would be more effective, but for her, it was much more enjoyable to draw it out,

to see the absolute terror in his eyes as she ripped into his skin leaving the heart last, knowing it was the best. She should’ve known, though, not to play with her food.

She steeled herself as she turned around with full intentions of aiming for the shoulder, teeth first, knocking him to the ground so as to have easier access, while holding him with brute force.

The plan was perfect, and her patience was running out.

But if she would’ve stopped and looked, she would’ve noticed that man, the angel especially brought to her, was not questioning her abrupt stop but actually continuing to creep forward.

She didn’t realize she had hit the ground until her mouth started tasting the mixture of dirt and ice in her mouth along with the pain in her nose registering with her brain;

it was probably broken, but that was the least of her worries.

He didn’t say anything as he tore into her flesh, starting at her lower back and working his way down to the feet.

He didn’t need to, and she was thankful since she was too embarrassed to be angry or frightened. It still hurt, though.

The overwhelming agony never went away until he bit into her throat, finally ending her life.

All the while, until the very second before drifting into darkness, she thought she would’ve done better,

showing no mercy and having the ability to get more out of a body while they were still alive, keeping the blood flowing; it was juicier that way.

Even so, he kept going after her final breath, slashing piece after piece of her body to get every last bit. If he was anything, it wasn’t wasteful.

As he slurped up the last of the heart, shreds of clothes, bones, and pools of blood were splayed out on and soaked into the snow-covered forest floor with a little box right in the middle.

He took one of her teeth since that weren’t able to be consumed, putting it in his own box,

and then opened the woman’s. ‘It seems she collected fingers. What a wasteful girl,’ he thought.

He may not have liked the fingers the best, always the dirtiest of the body, but he still ate them. After touching his own box in his pocket, feeling satisfied, he kept walking.

Some sleep and a shower were always best after a full stomach.

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