Want to role-play? Come here! Don't be shy!
Want to role-play? 
Come here! 
Don't be shy! role play stories

melissamckenna Community member
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Just something to guide role-players to me. Read everything, I will NOT role-play on here. The chat and messaging is not for role-playing.

Want to role-play? Come here! Don't be shy!

Rule. 1. My last one said that I do fantasy, but that isn't the only thing. I fully enjoy going away from anime and using real life photos - In fact my lastest love has been supernatural the show! Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles is very hard to find through role-play. And I don't do any ships for the verse so don't ask. Like I said, ask and you'll find out.

Rule. 2. I prefer if someone was able to be descriptive, considering where we are right now. Then I can only allow paragraphs and over! No less. I am a writer so I tend to write big paragraphs after all - Should you feel uncomfortable I will level with you.

Rule. 3. Now, I do NOT do one on one with someone. Even if you are a guy, in an original sense we must make a girl and boy or girl and girl or guy and guy. Whatever you take to, I will not enjoy it if I don't make my own crush - That is unless you play my crush alone, it's your choice. I don't apply this to canon and stuff like that though.

Rule. 4. I do not want text talk in discussion OR role-play, please don't come to me if you do that. I can deal with mistakes, I make them. I also prefer not to be corrected either so we would have something in common. I have yet to be told I write bad though~

Rule. 5. Chill. There is no need to rush anything. But I draw the line when a month passes.

Rule. 6. For the sake of everything I do have social media which we can get in touch on IF things work out well enough. I have facebook, messenger, discord. I do not use the last one much but my most used one is Gmail.

Rule. 7. Romance is a deal-breaker people, can't do it? don't come to me - This won't mean I will do erotica or must on here though. I feel uncomfortable with that and my romances are very built up and slow, there is more drama and angst.

Rule. 8. Now, The thing about angst is there will be no death. Nothing triggering like sickness - Unless discussed. No cutting, no depressing characters. I mean I've done this for a while and mine have only been a little depressed. So DO NOT DO THIS. Oh and couples will get back together, eventually, so make sure you remember that.

And we are done! message me if you are able and remember, there is a possibility of me not doing anything on HERE so be ready for that. And know that liking won't make me know you want to do anything MESSAGE ME, thank you.

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