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She fell into there grasp while searching for some new items that her adoptive father provided. Moira wasn't a girl you wanted to meet. Safe to say, she was a complete utter bitch.

When Bobby asked her to help the Winchester brothers her instant reply was simple, no.

This made everyone in the room gape at her less than selfish nature. It could be more, but at the moment no one seemed to realize that.

Raised from the cold damp streets of Scotland - Moira didn't give a shit for anyone but herself.

Miss Nothing.

Chapter one. Enjoy!

She has a gypsy soul And a warrior spirit. She made no apologies for her wild heart. She left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of the magical and extraordinary.  And she was glorious.

Quote, chapter.

Outfit view. https://vrfzy3otof.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/image/outfits/66a9b5e8-92a5-414b-9806-f00f841b451f.png I {Not sure if this will work, but this is the full link to the outfit.}

A scrapyard in all senses, maybe not the best place to live. Sioux Falls, South Dakota - It was the one place she was willing to call a safe place to stay, whenever she could count her cases going down a little.

'Winchester family. The family business, What a bunch of rubbish. ' Her long face tightened, her small lips going tight at the thought of considering this the family - Anything.

The woman sat her helmet on her bike and paused, ready to go in when her phone started to ring. Her hand reached into the leather bag tied to the bike and plucked out a mobile phone, placing it close to her ear. "Hello?" "I could hear you from miles away, girl. Get in here you Idjit."

The woman's red lips twisted into a full smile, "Now that's the greeting I wanted." She snickered into the phone when the number went dead. Shaking her head, she placed her device into her bag and pulled it over her shoulder.

Doing a quick check-in her compact mirror, her full figure coming into view with the reflection. The outfit she wore today was a simple black tank top and skinny jeans; which are remarkably flexible. Her leather jacket in dark brown left zipped open, combined with her set of gloves and Jewelry, rarely did she get to wear those.

So much for my off day, She thought dramatically, but her smirk told another story as she walked forward for the house that housed her boys.

To be continued in the next chapter, comments are welcomed. A/N: I'm kind of wondering how updating stories on this would work - Do I update on here or make another to do the 2nd chapter? tips?

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