The Endless Path

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melissamalo More than what eyes can see.
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By melissamalo

The Endless Path

I woke up on a visions of death, I was under the green and red lights. I had my last moments facing the gloomy sky , under the soft rain drops sounds. cars were passing by the avenue while I was laying down dead. I said nothing but closed my eyes again.

It was a dark silent moment I had with myself. No more worries , no more troubled stories to tell.

I was like a floating piece of feather landing on an ocean. drifted by the ocean waves to an endless path. The rain started raining harder than before and my weight started to get heavier. the heavier it gets the more it gets me down to the water.

I couldn't try to survive , I couldn't resist. It was what I was destined for and I have no intention to change that.

It had to become to an ending. I choosed, and I made decisions, I was deceived by all these visions. Silent synchronicity,with less possibility.

At home ,laying on bed under the white sheets. but yet here I am. fantasizing about how death would be, trying to make the beautiful out of the ugly, the ease out of the difficult, the simpleness out of what's complicated.

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