The End of the Ending Scene

The End of the Ending Scene romance stories

melissamalo More than what eyes can see.
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The End of the Ending Scene

No matter how bitter reality can be, I still laugh seeing myself in such Disturbing, unfortunate situations, filled with obstacles I accept it with a welcoming heart as if I'm in a black & white comedy show.

I’m both director of this silent movie starring as a Broken-winged bird at the cold evening nights. The steady beat my heart follows onto Telling a child’s story losing their innocence To the hands of time.

A tragedy of love and life, birthing harrowing undertones for us to listen to for the rest of our lives Another life, for me to live it with you no hurdles, nor limits

A life where there's only him and me on a hill surrounded by a cold breeze He holds me in a warm embrace and proclaims The love between us, meant to be through the aging decades.

He was about to reach something but couldn't catch my eyes closing them with his bare hands fading the light I can still hear the echo of his sobs of his cries as if I was buried in a tons of blades.

I inhaled and screamed, sharing the sharp pain in my chest. My lover’s leaving me Running to ask for help.

And that day I died as I fell like an autumn leaf. Seasons pass by and every is a season of grief.

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