Sun Crushes
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When you believe you're crush is too good for you.< br/>I apreciate all comments!♡♤

Sun Crushes

by maraschinolit

I dream that one day I'll be counting your freckles Like they are Stars in the Night Sky, As you hold me close under the Heaven of your arms.

Although, I have yet to fulfill my curiosities, and explore your vast beauty, I already know all my favourite parts of you: Thigh, shoulder, Cupid's bow lip.

Between my breaths, I whisper all the metaphors I could use To describe the river pebble-blue Of your eyes, yet when I am amongst you, I choke On all my careless day dreams.

It's occured to me that I am most afraid of heights when I am on the ground Looking up, And you sit on the opalescent pedestal- Which my own hands built, Despite the threat of my own destruction

- With the Sun's rays standing behind you, Blinding me.

So when I do see you, I tuck my Love under the pillows of my Heart. The fear that you can do better tightens The strings of my voice, I smile with a closed mouth,

And I allow my Heart, Although empty, To remain lonely.

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