My Realities
My Realities values stories

melcake Clumsy and anxious cinnamon-potato bun
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A poem about conversations regarding values, ethics, and morals with a emotionally and verbally-abusive person

My Realities

My rose-colored lenses blurred

My silences searched for reasons

My angered cries wished away

I don't comprehend your Code

You shamed the cruel truth spoke

You screamed the emotions my silence felt

You still scare and scar the seize of love

I still can't comprehend your Code

Stop screaming, I hear you

Stop screaming, I'm crying

Stop screaming, I Am Trying

I am only different because I love you

Please comprehend, I am broken, but here

So please know, your conscience and standards

are my realities;

I am scarred by reality

I know you

I know your Code

I still know real values with corrupt roots, but I love you

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