I'd like to start a competition.
I'd like to start a competition. @brownie_witch stories

melascula51 Community member
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I'd like to start a competition.

So, some people may know them... @Brownie_wizard and @Brownie_witch

Well, to the both of them, I'd like to make a deal if you'll agree.

I'll give you 5 questions in those message things, as you call them, dms. Then, you must tell me a joke, because you know, it does get boring watching humans fail miserably at life.

In exchange, I'll give who answers the questions right all the brownies in the world. I'll even make Galand's "famous" Hell brownies, made from the best ingredients in all of Hell! Or at least as he says.

Sad he got turned into stone though, although, that old man, Escanor seemed very strong. Try eating his soul and you'll find out. Oh, that's right, humans can't devour souls, how idiotic of me. Maybe humans will evolve to learn to eat them one day.

So, those are the rules... -Answer my 5 questions, whoever gets more right will probably win. And -Tell me a joke

Simple as that. Whoever fails, I shall devour their soul. Maybe split it with Bill or Will Cipher if I'm generous enough.

Well, of course, you both have to agree, although I'm sure you will since you obviously love brownies.

Good luck you two. ××Melascula out××

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