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melancholiii Melancholy drives writer to be inspired
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Precarious moment of the human kind-Pandemic

Season for a Reason

In a world that everyone enjoys, when the flowers linger and grow

When the waters flourish and flow

When the sun tells you have fun and go

But people fear when the sun disappear

The skies got darker

The waves got meaner

The sea starts to roar, the storm starts to overpower

The rain starts to shower

The wind blows louder, in a snap everything changed

The world is on rage

Life became uncertain

A melancholic moment, tortured in pain

But we must keep our minds sane

For it is us who are to blame

That this happened for a refinement

A new beginning and not a torment

For A man will unable to comprehend the work God has done under the sun

Despite his efforts to search it out, its meaning he can't find out

God has made this pain as well as the other Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future; the end of a matter is better than its beginning and patience is better than pride

Thus, we must stay faithful in this season because everything has its reason

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