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melainiecj Who cries over her own fantasies...
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If life is a wonder, will you still seek for your future?
He wanted to escape from the reality, the truth. She wanted to write a happy ending.


"Come on, we'll miss the sunset." Fortune pushed himself up to his feet and dragged me by my wrist as we ran into the abandoned building.

We were standing on a rooftop.

Such a beautiful day, isn't it Fortune?

I crossed my arms, walking towards him who were sitting at the edge of the roof and swaying his legs in the air.

Fortune turned away from the spectacular view of the sunset to me. Since that time, I only realized how attractive he really was.

His messy black hair breezing with the wind, those bright hazel eyes dancing with the lights behind his metallic framed and-

"Because the time is draining," said Fortune with sorrowful grieve in his eyes. "Sometimes I come here, just to think of how poor life is and going home just makes me more depressed."

"Depressed?" I asked him, now I was sitting on the edge. I didn't know how, but I just did.

"It's just sad, Coral," He turned his eyes away from me and back to the sunset, "To know what you see is what you need to let go one day."

Fortune Rainzfort, we're such humans filled with absolute cliche. But, it is worth it to spend time with the one who will eventually leave one day.

To be honest, if I could see my future, how I'll be going to die or the date of my death, I wouldn't want to know any.

Since life is a wonder, why not keep it wandering?

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