Chapter Two: Papa Roach Ghost Fanfiction by MeidoKeiko
Chapter Two:
Papa Roach

                            Ghost Fanfiction
                                 by MeidoKeiko haunting stories

meidokeiko Fanfic of a Ratdaddy & his pet Ghouls. 🐀
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Copia is trying to get some much-needed rest when the ghost of Papa Emeritus III shows up to annoy the everloving crap out of the poor old man.


‘A Man and his Ghouls’ is a fanfiction series written by MeidoKeiko that is set in an alternate universe Ghost timeline where Copia’s a vampire in a pansexual, polyamorous relationship with all seven of his Ghouls!

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Chapter Two: Papa Roach Ghost Fanfiction by MeidoKeiko

“Cooopiaaa, oh Cooopiaaaaaa~” a wavering voice echoed through The Cardinal’s bedroom, shattering any calm the old man may have had, and with a groan he woke up, sighing as his gaze met the grinning ghostly figure of his arch nemesis Papa Emeritus the Third, mere centimetres away from his exhausted, freckled face.

“Emeritus.” His tired voice croaked out.

The handsome, youthful-looking ghost continued to grin down at the mess of a man, “Sooo... where the Hell have you been, ya old coot?”

Copia almost spat in the ghost’s face, ”I’m ten years younger than you, you fucking dolt!”

“Well, to be fair...” the ghost laughed, gesturing at all of him, mocking the poor, stressed-out, greying fool.

Copia growled before giving an answer through gritted teeth, “I’ve slowly been going mad, travelling all around this Country for months straight cooped up in a fucking tour bus with seven loud and horny Ghouls, all while playing sold-out Rituals that YOU of all people could never have accomplished! Capische?!"

He then sighed, turning over and cuddling up underneath his warm covers, hoping the floating nuisance would go away.

After a few seconds though, he spoke again, this time in a much more somber tone, “You’ve come into my life, started what feels like a nuclear war, and just as a cockroach would, you came out unscathed... so please, do us all a favour and fuck right off.”

Some silent moments later, Copia peeked over his freckled shoulder at the ghostly man lounging casually in the air above him, eyes closed, seemingly unphased at the jabs Cardi just took at him.

“Y’know,” the spectre started, face stern as a glowing eye stared deep into Copia’s soul, “I wouldn’t be such a dick if you just let me have my way..."

Emeritus smiled menacingly before quickly spinning his ethereal body around, detaching his head and holding it within his gloved hands, waiting for a reaction.

The Cardinal simply sighed, sitting up as he rubbed his temples. “You are an aggravating little troll, you know that, right?”

Emeritus simply shrugged his headless shoulders, smirking at the man before him.

“The afterlife is a boring cesspool of nothingness, I gotta get my fun somehow, — and you, my dearest friend, are fun." he chuckled before disappearing into thin air, his wicked laughter echoing throughout the mansion.

“Finally...” Copia yawned, lying back down to continue his well-deserved slumber.

~ The End ~ (for now)

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