The Fear of Death
The Fear of Death death stories

mehrdad3d Community member
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A different opinion on Death

The Fear of Death

People are so afraid of death

But i want to tell you something

Think of death as this

There is a crack in your room that only you are aware of

And no one else pays any attention to it

Certainly its a annoying thing

And everyone has something like this that only concerns them

Now if you die your annoyance about that thing is gone because you are gone and you are not there to feel annoyed anymore, therefore its not important anymore

The subject is gone therefore the problem is gone

Now if you die , you can't feel fear about death because you cant feel anything, because you don't exist anymore, therefore it doesnt matter.

Like many other people that died and there is nothing left of them anymore...


Not even a memory...

You wonder what is after death

You are wrong

Because you are no more after death

And it doesn't matter anymore

Because the source of the question is no more

Without us there is no question

Our mind makes them

And when there is no mind

There is no question

And the answer is irrelevant...

Like the end of a song

No one asks whats after the end

Because the song ended

The song matters and when it ends it ends

Its a stupid question to ask whats after the end of the song.

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