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The Strong lady

The strong lady does not mean that the lady that fights fiercely or The lady with full of anger and very outspoken

I have heard a lot about feminism talks and the strong personality of women.

In my point of view, the strong lady is one who can protect herself, her family, and the one who faces many hurdles but overcome all this with a smile.

The great strong lady must be like the Hazrat Khadija bin Waleed. She is not only the role model for the Muslim girls but also for all the girls and women in the world

She leads a great business and works with men with strength. she was beautiful and pour and she managed all the problems with great courage. she was the first Muslim women

Besides her hard and strong character, she was loving towards her husband and family. she always remains by side of her husband in every field of life.

So in my point of view, all girls should follow her because she was, in fact, she is the strong woman in the world. nowadays we face troubles and hurdles, sometimes we hesitate. but fear and hesitation is not a solution

Be a strong lady, be a strong personality. Be the person who deals with all the storms bravely. Tell the world, that you are also strong.

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