An Innocent Request to God by: mehmal
An Innocent Request to God

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An Innocent Request to God by: mehmal

The request is simply a little appeal for a significant purpose. The request has a meaningful impact and importance.

once, a cute child of 6 years old ask her mother "oh maa, you always taught me that if you need anything then ask politely and humbly to others. but most of the time, my appeal/request has been rejected".

Her mother smiles at his question and said. " Have u ever made a request to God?" Then child replied in a sad mood "No, because I think if the persons can,t understand my need then how the God will listen to me even I can,t see him and

Her mother then answered her child "O, my child, God is even nearer to us rather than persons. God can hear your whisper, wishes, disheartened unspoken words and he likes to hear the requests and demands from his persons.

then the child asks with a happy face. "oh really, he will listen to all my requests and he will not reject me"

Her mother said: "Yes, my child. he will fulfill all your needs and requests because he said that call me, request me even if you need minor things."

Then child made her mind to request God. she wrote a request letter in which she writes many requests. She then waited for fulfilling her request from God

Has her request accepted or not yet? she is waiting fiercely for her request letter .....................

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