A Wish (Provoking Thought about Child Labour) by: Mehmal Malik
A Wish 

(Provoking Thought about Child Labour)

                  by: Mehmal Malik feelings stories

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A provoking thought about child labour

A Wish (Provoking Thought about Child Labour) by: Mehmal Malik

All the trees are down to earth because of the great storm. Leaves are sparkling with the drops of the rain. All the roads are quite empty and silent with the murmuring sound of the wind.

Most parents are keeping their children at home to save them from getting cold. Peoples are chatting and enjoying by making different foods to keep them warm.

But, there is a group of small children that are walking in the windy storm to earn some money. All are shivering with the cold wind but there is still peace and calmness on their faces.

Some of them are standing in front of some cars to clean the window and to sell some of the flowers. But alas, this windy rain ruined their plan to earn money.

One of them is a boy named Hassan, he doesn't want to work. He wants to play, study, and spend time with his siblings.

But, he has no chance to earn the money to cope with the problems, to raise his family.

He is also shivering with the cold. He sat on the earth because now he has no courage to work and there is no one to buy the flowers.

His friend asked him: "Hassan, why are you sitting on the earth? Get up friend, be brave. Don't lose your courage. We have earned only a few amounts of money. We have to earn more money to buy food for our family. Our siblings will be hungry. Hurry up.

But, he remained sitting on the road with an angry face.

His friend calls him again, "Oh, Hassan, hurry up. Look at the car. Maybe he would buy the flowers.

The man in the car looks outside and astonished to see the shivering boys.

Hassan moves toward the car. This man buys all the flowers and Hassan became happy that he completed the task today to earn money.

He returns to the home at midnight and her mom gives her dinner and said: "Hassan, you have sold all the flowers and bagels today, but you are not happy why?"

Hassan looks at her mother and surprised that her mother feels her sadness. He said to her mother

"Oh mother, I am not happy, you are right. I don't want to work like this. I want to study. But, alas, I have to earn".

Her mother smile and said: "Yes, you can't study. But let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a small boy who was working on the brick kiln. He was badly injured due to working on the Kiln.

"He prayed to God that if there is any chance that an angel could come and save him from the devastating situation and suddenly, one angel came in front of him and safe him and also helped him to fulfill his all wishes. My dear child, don't lose hope."

One day God will send one angel to fulfill your wish or at least will give you the courage to cope with this".

Hassan got excited with this story and said: "Oh, Mom. Really if I pray to God, My angel will come? If this is true then I also make a wish that my angel comes and pull out me from this frightening and dark path of hurting and stress".

Has Hassan's wish come true?

This is not a wish of one boy. About 150 million children have fallen in this prey. Yes, the child labor problem

and about, 30 million children have faced child abuse devastation.

Can we become their angels? Yes, many excuses are that what we can do, the government should take action on it. But, if one person will take action and become the angel of any of these Children.

This problem will be minimized. Africa is the country in which the percentage of child labor is larger and its percentage is about 72.1 million than all other countries. Even in Pakistan, about 10.5 million children have faced the same problem.

In a nutshell, be serious about the provoking thought of minimizing child labor and child abuse. To help one child, you will fulfill your responsibility.

Can you be the angel or only gossips or sad about this situation?

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