Rebirth- A metaphor for overcoming depression

mehakhannaPoet, photographer, wanderer
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Rebirth- A metaphor for overcoming depression

by mehakhanna

Rebirth is not something that happens overnight

It takes time.

Once the birds have pecked away all the flesh you once had, and are stuck with only the bones you were so proud to see through the skin that once covered your hollow stomach...

Ask yourself:

If all you want to be is just another set of bones withering to dust as time goes on.

I understand

Depression can make you feel like you are dying.

But you are not dead

You must choose to heal yourself

Rebirth is not something that happens overnight, my friend

It takes time.

I promise you will never be alone

Because each breath you take will contain the remains of a soul that could not live again.

These souls will give you strength

But only if you let them

You must remind yourself:

Rebirth takes time, but it is worth every moment of pain & agony. Every moment you'd rather give up.

Because you are the most important thing that you have.

& you are worth saving.

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@george @bernardtwindwil thank you so much. It's an amazing feeling to be appreciated for what you are passionate for.

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Excellent. The poetry was lyrical and moving. I think you made a succinct point in that "you must choose to heal yourself." Self-empowerment.

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"Because you are the most important thing that you have." so true