The Beauty of Death
The Beauty of Death jesus stories

meghansolo Aspiring poet.
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Death is perspective, just as much as life.

The Beauty of Death

This tree is barren All you see is decay

But the ironic truth, is that he still stands tall.

Death has taken its toll, but the tree remains unscathed Amidst it all.

He's barren now. His leaves have gone away, but his base is here to stay.

His friends surround him with greenery and growth

Learning to live with his fate This tree has made his point.

Every inch of this dying tree, is not afraid.

Jesus would be proud, just as death was in His grave

He arose Equally as unscathed.

Death is perspective, just as much as life.

Are we willing to stop and gaze at the beauty

Not only in the living, but in the dead?

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