What's in the Woods?
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Red Riding Hood, Jack, the Baker and his Wife, Mr. Wolf, and the Witch. NOT INTO THE WOODS.

What's in the Woods?

+In a Cottage outside town+ Little Rose Starr climbed onto her mother's lap. The thunder rolled outside, shaking the small cottage. "Mother, do you think Grandmother's alright? She's all alone out there in her own little cottage, I wish I could go and sit with her awhile." Her mother's face brightened. "What a splendid idea, Little Rose. I'll send you off as soon as this downpour ends."

+ a house in the Town+ Jack found himself going off to see his cow, Sooty. His mother hated to be poor, but they had been poor for quite some time now, so Percy was used to it. His mother often complained of their old cow who no longer gave any milk. But Percy loved Sooty, she was the closest thing to a friend he had. All the other boys were more interested in money, instead of real friends.

+A bakery+ A baker and his wife sat up for a good while of the night, waiting for something to happen. They held hands, and looked out the wide window that overlooked the dark woods.

The next morning, Little Rose went to the baker for some bread or sweets for her Granny. She knocked on the bakery door. "Hullo, Rosy. What can we help you with today?" "Something for my Granny, she's ill, and I'd like to bring her something." She handed the baker some money as he gave her some bread and sweets in a basket.

"Be on your guard out there!" The baker's wife called after her as she skipped off to go into the woods. +++++++++++++++++++++++

++Rest will be out soon. Happy almost Halloween!+++

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