Convergence Chapter 4
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Chapter Four Cora walked quickly through the Halls of the Storyweavers, her long robes flapping as she moved. Therese, one of the older Storyweavers, stopped her, saying, “Have a little respect!”

Convergence Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Cora walked quickly through the Halls of the Storyweavers, her long robes flapping as she moved. Therese, one of the older Storyweavers, stopped her, saying, “Have a little respect!”

Cora sighed, brushing her red hair from her face. “Sorry. I'm meeting with my mom.” She explained, slowing, but only slightly.

Therese nodded. Her grey hair was pulled back in a severe bun. “I see. Wouldn't want to disappoint the Head Storyweaver, then! Off you go!”

Cora continued, rolling her eyes at the treatment.

Despite, or perhaps because of, her status as youngest to ever attain Storyweaver status, she was still treated as a trainee and a child by many of the others.

Her feet tapped on the marble flooring of the grand building, and she knocked gently on the solid oak door before her.

“Come in!” Came her mother's voice from inside.

Cora went inside, closing the heavy door behind her. “You wanted me?” She questioned.

Her mother nodded, and brushed back a strand of hair wearily. “Yes, I did, Cora. As you know, the Convergence is coming.”

“Yes...and?” She sat down, brows knitting together. All the Storyweavers knew the Convergence was coming; why was her mother speaking of it?

Ley sighed. “And this one is going to be different. I feel it in my bones.”

Cora wrinkled her nose, still confused. “What do you mean?”

“Cora, you know I have seen many Convergence's in Lake Llyn, do you not?” Ley said, business-like.

Cora nodded.

“Then trust me, and heed my words. This Convergence feels different then it should. This Convergence, it…” Ley sighed again, shaking her head. “I can't explain it, Cora.”

Cora sighed, and stood, walking to her mother and hugging her. “You're overexerting yourself, Mom.” She said gently. “Get some rest.”

Ley pushed her away angrily. “Cora! I know my limits, as you know yours! May I remind you, I am the Head Storyweaver here? And I know what I'm saying!” She said.

Cora groaned softly. “Fine. Just...don't work too hard, okay?”

Ley nodded. “I won't. Now, head home, please. Or at least go and get some sun.

” She gently touched her fingers to the scar running over Cora's left eye, the one she'd gained at 16, that had made her nearly blind in that eye.

“Mom, you know there's nothing we could do to fix it.” She said softly.

Ley nodded. “I know. But it always makes me wonder...

how many girls were taken, like you, and how many told their story? How many came back? How many didn't?” She smiled gently, and said, “Ah, but I'm rambling again. Now, run along.”

Cora smiled, and waved as she left. Walking swiftly through the Storyweavers Hall, she exited through the front door, walking to her home.

She still lived with her family, as she had no reason or need to move out. Humming softly, she changed into her normal clothes, and left the house, heading towards the marketplace.

She purchased some food, inhaling as the scents of the market filled the air around her. Even though she never forgot it, she always loved coming here.

The air was filled with different smells. Spices, oranges, fruits. Of course, mixed in with those were the scent of sweat, and perfumes, and colognes. But she didn't mind.

Someone tapped her shoulder, and she whirled around.

“Sticky!” She cried, hugging her friend.

“Weaver!” Sticky greeted. Her dark haired friend grinned from ear to ear, her pale eyes sparkling.

“How have you been? It's so good to see you!” Cora babbled, unable to stop herself from beaming widely.

Sticky grinned. “I'm great! How are you?”

“I'm great! What brings you here?” Cora questioned.

“Well, my group's traveling again, and I said, 'hey, let's go to Dromere, they always pay well’ and they said, 'hmmm good idea’, and here I am!” Sticky explained, grinning.

Cora nodded. “That's awesome, Sticky!” Sticky was a nickname Cora had given Sticky when they first met. Sticky had tried to pickpocket her, and she had caught her.

They became friends, but ever since, Cora had called her Sticky, for Sticky Fingers.

“I'll catch you later, I gotta go!” Sticky, whose real name was Livi, announced, running off and waving over her shoulder.

Cora waved back, and continued through the market.

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