No One Is Ever Really Gone: Chapter 1 Dear Agony
No One Is Ever Really Gone: Chapter 1 Dear Agony oc stories

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Anyaest was trained alongside Ben Solo in the art of the Force. When Ben turned over to the dark side he believed he has lost the girl forever. However, she won't stop fighting for him fighting to make sure he comes back to the light. SPOILER FOR THE LAST JEDI AND FORCE AWAKENS


No One Is Ever Really Gone: Chapter 1 Dear Agony

Song for this chapter: Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

It had been a long day of training, Master Skywalker had worked his pupils hard and they had all laid down for the night.

Anyaest was almost asleep when she heard a loud crash followed by screaming. Bolting upwards she looked around to see that all of her other padawans were missing.

While she shared a room with four other girls, her thoughts went to one person and one person only.

"Ben," Anyaest called out as she took off running. As she exited her hut she found the horror of what had happened.

Fires were burning and the temple was destroyed, she could see the bodies of her fallen padawans scattered everywhere.

"Ben" She called again when suddenly she noticed that Ben's hut was crumbled. "No!" Anyaest sprinted towards the ruins. "Ben!"

"It had to be Snoke!" That was the only thing Anyaest could think of as what could have happened.

As she began to pull stones away she kept calling out for Ben. She could still hear screaming slowly fading as she dug, she prayed she would find Ben alive.

What she found however, made her scream in fear as she backed away. Under the rubble she found Master Skywalker, unconscious, perhaps even dead.

"Anya" She heard a voice call and she quickly recognized it as Ben's.

She felt ungodly conflicted her heart wanted to go find Ben but her head told her to stay with Master Skywalker.

"Anya" She heard Ben call again.

"That's it, leave Luke, go find Ben Solo." Anya heard a voice in her head say.

"No, get out of my head!" She screamed as she recognized the voice of Snoke.

Suddenly Anya was thrown backwards caught by something.

"Let me go!" She started to scream.

"Anya" The person holding her said as he turned her around to find Ben was the one who grabbed her.

"Ben!" She exclaimed as she hugged him. "I thought…" She started when suddenly she saw everything, she saw what had happened, who had destroyed the temple and killed all of her friends.

"No," She cried as she pushed Ben away.

"You, you did this!" She cried tears welling up in her eyes.

"No Anya you don't understand."

"And Master Skywalker…"

"Luke tried to…"

"He's your uncle, Ben!" Anya screamed.

"He tried to kill me!" Ben screamed forcefully causing the rock behind Anya to split in half.

"What do you mean he tried to kill you."

"Luke Skywalker is a liar!" Snokes voice rang out again.

Anya saw Ben wince and quickly put her hands on his face making him look her in the eyes.

"Snoke made you do this didn't he. Ben you can't listen to him, you can't go over to the dark, you have to stay with me"

Suddenly a singeing pain began in Anyaest's head. She let out a loud scream as she collapsed into Ben's arms.

"Anya" Ben screamed. "Master stop this!"

The pain stopped and when Anya opened her eyes she found she was no longer at the training camp instead she was in a large dark room and the only three people there were her, Ben and Snoke.

"You said you wanted her to join us. You said she could be spared." Ben argued as he looked at Snoke.

"That was until I realized you were in love with her!" Snoke screamed.

Suddenly Anya felt like she was being choked as she was lifted off the ground.

"Ben!" She tried to choke out as she could feel the force around her neck tightening.

"Stop!" Ben screamed as he held his hand out trying to throw Snoke back but instead Snoke threw him back and Anya came crashing to the floor.

"Kill her!" Snoke screamed angrily as he brought Anya to her feet.

No," Ben said getting up.

"She is the only thing standing in your way from becoming your true self."

"Ben, don't listen to him." Anya cried.

"Ben Solo can be no more, you must destroy any part of your previous life, and in order to do that you must kill her."

"I won't!" Ben snapped.

"Kill her!"

"No!" Ben screamed his face turning red.

"Fight him Ben." Anya screamed only to be crushed down into the floor by Snokes power.

"Don't!" Ben pleaded his voice cracking.

"Fulfill your destiny and kill her."

"No!" Ben screamed with such force. Suddenly there was a loud crack again and then Ben and Anya were no longer in the room but back at the temple.

The crack had come from the rocks that were behind Anya. Ben had shattered the boulder with the force and it came crumbling down right on top of Anya.

"No!" Ben called as he reached his hand out and tried to stop this stones, but it was too late.

"Anya" Ben screamed, he was about to move the rocks when suddenly the voice of Snoke rang through his mind.

"Well done." Snoke laughed.

"No, I didn't she…" Ben's voice cracked. "Anya"

"She was a distraction, now that she is gone, we can truly begin your real training.

"I…" Ben started again.

"Stop your sniveling, go grab the others you left alive and come to me." Then the voice left leaving young Ben Solo alone with his own thoughts and his guilt.

Quickly he moved the rocked finding Anyaest lying unconscious. She looked almost peaceful even in death.

"Anya I'm sorry." Ben cried before he wiped his tears away and his sadness was quickly replaced with rage.

He stormed off and forgot about the girl, and forgot about Ben Solo if only to spare himself from grief.

But what the young man didn't know was that he had not killed the girl he loved.

For 6 years she lay unconscious, waiting only waiting until Ben Solo was ready, until he had reached a point where he was open to change. When Snoke had pushed him too far.

That fate night came on the bridge when son faced father. The moment that was supposed to kill Ben Solo forever and leave only Kylo remaining.

However as the lightsaber blade pierced Han Solo's heart, Ben felt more conflicted than ever.

As his father looked him in the eyes with such a look of love, Ben could feel himself holding back the tears.

As his father fell into the abyss, his only thought were for the girl he had killed so many years ago.

At the same time far away on the planet of D'Quar, General Leia Organa felt the loss of her husband and the pain that was brewing in her son trying to escape.

Her thoughts then drifted to the girl who lay unconscious a few rooms away.

"Ben!" Anya exclaimed as she sat up feeling Ben's energy and his internal cry for help.

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