The Builders
The Builders pobble365 stories

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Inspired by Pobble365's prompt for 2nd July

The Builders

As soon as their delivery of building materials had arrived, the team set off to work. After the foundations were laid, James and Simon started on the walls.

They used blocks of all colours - brown and cream and blue and yellow. They jumped eagerly. The end result was going to be perfect.

Baby Bobby sat in the tiny garden they had created, giggling as he watered the plastic roses. He didn't know it yet but he would spend a lot of his childhood here.

The clouds in the distance began to spit at the sleeping countryside. The children knew they must work quickly and effectively.

James fixed the rickety roof to the top of the bricks, Simon fixed the gleaming white shutters to the window panes and baby Bobby crawled around the bumpy grey flooring, grinning Simon,

who was struggling with the last shutter.

Just as is began to rain, the three boys stood outside to admire their hard work. It was perfect.

The walls were beautifully patterned with the multicoloured bricks and the garden was adorned with the prettiest flowers that they had ever seen.

"We finally have a clubhouse," gasped James, hugging his brothers tightly.

"I can't wait until our friends see this," beamed Simon and baby Bobby just giggled and pointed at the clubhouse. He was just as pleased with it as his brothers.

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