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A beginner's attempt. Please feel free to provide feedback.


Monotony reared its ugly head , As I trudged through life with cat like tread.

In the distance there arose a refuge, In the form of a building huge

I entered in apathy, the land of the pithy, boxed in grief, boredom and pity.

It was the home of a multitude of shiny tomes. Some huge and new, while some stuck with glue

The air screamed with bittersweet vapours that danced and united to form a unique dew , as it took me on a journey anew .

As the magic began to have its way, My world began to swim away.

Boundaries blurred till they became indefinite And all reason became infinite. The doorways to many universes beckoned And I hurtled through them as fast as I could reckon.

A house was what was offered to me here, But a home was what I found

I revelled in the aid of this haven man-made, As I broke the endless chains that I had laid.

I journeyed on an exquisite ride, A roller-coaster of emotions, an intriguing slide, Till I felt that life was just a tide.

Now, in times of joy or strife, Whether I laugh, scream or gripe, My soul is filled with life, For I had found my tribe.

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