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meg1224 Community member
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I'm so tired al I want is to sleep all I need is to sleep but I cant I'm up all night doing homework overthinking when can I sleep I'm so tired I cant focus cant keep my eyes open but still I cant sleep

I go to bed close my eyes not one peaceful thought not one minute of quiet passes through my mind the minute I close my eyes I start overthinking I start stressing overanalyzing my day

I start planning the next day thinking of what to say trying to figure out everything I will do I haven't slept in so long starting to think it's not real forgetting it exists like it's not a big deal I shut my eyes lay in my bed trying to clear my mind so I can get some rest

but I guess it will never happen my brain works to hard never wants to stop doesnt want to press pause when I finally get to sleep things keep going in my head the nightmares start, scaring me out of bed dont know how I do it I never have energy how I'm I still alive how can I keep moving

I try hard to sleep I'm so tired seems I'll never recover I'm stuck in permanent state of exhaustion, forever

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