What Makes a Good Day
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Sometimes a day can seem horribly wrong. But, really, all you need is one good thing to turn it around - something to hope for, something to be thankful for. What will you find happiness in?

What Makes a Good Day

A favorite outfit or special accessory

to start off with confidence;

the happy beginning,

filled with festivity.

A kind smiling face

or a cheerful word

can lift the spirits

to soar like a bird.

Meeting someone who shares

one of your obsessions,

leaves one grateful

and with good impressions.

Yummy food or a special dish

as a quick little treat,

can make any kind of day

all the more sweet.

Pleasant weather,

or even a spectacular storm,

can influence one's mood

whether outside or snuggled in the dorm.

Plans later on in the day

with family or a friend

can make sure the journey

has a wonderful end.

Good day, bad day,

or somewhere in-between,

it's important to enjoy and reflect

because parts may have been unseen.

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