Fleeting Embrace
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"Do you need a hug?" I ask. A hug is comfort; a hug is affection. And when I ask you, it might be because I need one too, but I'm too afraid to ask.

Fleeting Embrace

"Do you need a hug?"

I ask with a concerned look.

One simple question,

an action is all it took.

A hug is a beautiful thing,

a fleeting, loving embrace.

It warms the body and the soul

with a gentle, true grace.

It brings two hearts closer,

it's uniting and telling,

as it intertwines the souls

and it's pull stays dwelling.

The arms wrap around

and pull one in closely.

It can be in joy or greeting,

though it's for comfort mostly.

With the arms encircling

and the hold secure,

it shares care between;

there's nothing it can't cure.

"You matter," the hug says,

"I'm here for you, dear."

"You can cry," the hugs says,

"You're safe right here."

A quick hug, a side hug,

a fleeting embrace so pure,

without the sweet touch,

how could anyone endure?

"Do you need a hug?"

I ask looking to the floor.

Because it's actually me;

I need that hug I'm asking for.

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