Brought Roses Home. Key Didn't Fit.
Brought Roses Home. Key Didn't Fit. stories

meemoPen to paper, my soul pours on the page
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The six word story turned into a 16 lined poem.

Brought Roses Home. Key Didn't Fit.

I came home with roses of the deepest red,

A poem and a speech prepared in my head.

A spring in my step and a song in my heart,

I'm ready to do all I can on my part.

Looming clouds rolling in roaming waves above,

Seem to me like beautiful, flying white doves.

So I pause outside with the roses in hand,

And am ready to take an active love stand.

I put my golden house key into the door,

And suddenly find it doesn't fit anymore.

The clouds are truly a desolate dark gray,

And in cold rain, I send memories away.

Their wandering eyes caught a stranger that night,

And for our love to stay, I promised I'd fight.

Betrayal thorns make the roses bloody red.

I drop them into the trash, broken and dead.

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