Caustic Contradiction
Caustic Contradiction self harm stories

medusozoaI'm boring and overcompensate.
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What am I to do when everything I am is constantly contradicting another part of me, and all you do is criticize every trait?

Caustic Contradiction

Every day a new part of me begins to decay

For my heart is a volcano, bubbling with all the feelings held within.

It's unstable and dangerous, and so chaotic nobody ever wants to stay.

Yet you poke and you prod at it, perhaps unknowing of the danger you are in.

I'm just not quite sure where to begin

Your words are a dagger

Cutting under my skin

So the scars remain invisible, and nobody knows what causes me to stagger

Does it make you proud?

That I no longer know how much further I can go on before I relapse?

That I'm hurting and sad every time you come around?

I wonder which step will become my last, or when my injuries will cause me to collapse

Every day your words generate more pain

I'm too boring

Too wild

Too annoying

Too plain

I'm never enough or I'm always too much

You only ever tell me that I'm one or the other

I'm expected to know my worth even though you've never showed me such

Or said our differing nature makes us unique to one another

The cycle repeats again and again

The process is painful and twisting

An endless spiral of hate inside my head

Something terribly important must be missing

For I no longer can see the road ahead.

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