Perception Is Paramount.
Perception Is Paramount.  real talk stories
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meaningfulwords Community member
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I'm sure you all know or have been asked this before...

"Do you look at the glass half empty or half full?"

Pessimistically thinking or optimistically thinking?

Everyone has there own perspective in life. Perception is paramount.
How you go about things in life, good or bad, is the biggest step towards growth.

Time doesn't stop therefore, the situation, obstacle or experience has passed. Trauma can freeze anyone into a stand still, you can't unsee things.

Human beings are such a complex organism, the differences are so vast and some with similarities that are enlightening and comforting.

Excitement and enjoyment can have one stop dead in their tracks as well, locked in that one moment before the steep drop on your favorite roller coaster, first time being in love, experiencing things that make you feel high on moments passing in time becoming memories being branded into your memory.

No sound, gravity has gone; zero gravity. All thoughts have vanished as you fill with adrenaline, perception of time has become translucent in a blink of an eye.

Trauma may be in your memories but that isn't the only memory you have in there.

Time is ticking ladies and gentleman, don't look at the same glass containing water with thoughts mimicking others.

You have your own glass, fill it with what ever and however much you please.
There is never only bad things happening, nor is there good things always happening.

Realize, the future is unknown, expecting things to happen can be fatal. Drink out of your glass poured with your choice of poison or elixir.

Life isn't perfect, life shouldn't be based on what others say, or if they approve or not. Like this question above ...just because the question was asked in a way where you have to choose one or the other means either answer is correct or incorrect.

As I drink from my glass I'll reply, "The glass I'm still working on is bittersweet, I like it yet dislike it but at least I'm trying it."

Decision made, effect was growth.
Step forward, don't stand in place and wait for "a right moment" you keep staring at one glass with water in it, let memories go to waste over one single thing, life has no meaning to it until you make there be meaning in it, now I've lapped you twice, letting past trauma/bad memory pause your life hurts you in the end while some grew from it, you allowed yourself to stay in one spot.

If there's a hand for help you take it, you can't get out of this alone, self pity and self doubt are so cancerous.

Stop with the me, my, I, mine. Yes you hurt, we all hurt, in some way shape or form, hidden always under a surface we create.

Our ways of life can't be dealt with alone, being independent doesn't mean there was no helped involved.

It means they are doing something themselves and the motivation had to of stemmed from something or someone.

Help each other as you help yourself, no more trick questions making ppl question the way they normally think or live they way they live. Ask valid questions, here's a few good ones;

"What's right in your life?"

"Where you are now, is it because you wanted to be here and made it happen or was it built by others, society and media?"

"Instead of trying to figure out the answers to questions that haven't been asked yet or you don't understand something why not get another or multiple perspectives to reword, break down or support you?"

The voice(s) in your head aren't the only things to be heard in this life.

Listen, discuss and comprehend what is being exchanged to one another.
You may have heard or thought the same things.

You may disagree or agree. You may learn or even help someone.

You're not the only one fighting in this battle, don't be a hero, don't be a follower, who you are has a place, you have your voice and have those you care for by y...

Perception Is Paramount.

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