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Limbo; what does that word mean to you?

Limbo; I'm not here nor there.
I'm in a space where time does not exist, I've taken a step out of this box. This box we call reality.
Changing my views from a first person perspective to a third person perspective.

Reality check; there is a lot more going on in this world than you think. There is a lot more going on in this world that you don't see. I thought I could see everything with eyes wide open.

I thought, oh, I thought wrong.

I can see everything now with eyes closed shut. I thought I could see everything, I believed my perception was precise. With eyes closed shut lead me to enter limbo, slowly I slip away from reality. I dare not to slip away completely, I only dare to see who I really am.

I will depart this vessel when the time comes, I am physically mortal. I've known that for a long time but have I known the being within this human vessel?

I have not, I was only concentrating on the physical world. I was only concentrating on what I could see with my eyes.

How naive, how narrow minded.

Limbo; a space between reality and oblivion. That is the place where I learned who I really am.
I've gone to a place where an epiphany had occurred. My eyes have been shut this whole time not knowing who I am.

Limbo; the place where I finally opened my eyes, the place where I finally opened my mind and accepted who I am. All of my flaws, all of my good qualities, all of my mistakes and all of my achievements.

Past, Present and Future mean nothing until I was stuck in Limbo.
I now see that being stuck in a place between reality and the unknown left me vulnerable and alone with no influences to lead me astray.

The only influence is the voice in my head. It took me to get lost in an unknown place to look deep within myself to find my way out.

The only way to find yourself, in my opinion, is to get lost. Fall into that limbo, don't fear it.
You may just find out who is really inside that mind of yours.

ThoseMeaningfulWords. VH.


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