An Ultimate Love (Aaron x OC)
An Ultimate Love (Aaron x OC) stories

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Have you ever heard of a Ultima?Well if you don't know, A ultima is a werewolf that is really strong.If you look into it's eyes you will see your worst nightmare.I did it once and now i can't stop but think of "Him".

An Ultimate Love (Aaron x OC)


What are you doing? It's not like you'll stay. You'll leave eventually. Wait your going to stay?Well I might as well introduce myself. My names Ashley. I have a sister named Aphmau.

We lived a "Happy" life. Nothing to hurt us. We had the perfect friends. The perfect parents. Scratch that, the perfect parent. Not all stories have a happy ending.

You want to know why?Because my story ends with someone dead. Not as happy as you thought. Continue if you want to hear my story. It all started in high school.

The first time I met him,my Soulmate. This is my story. And it doesn't end well.


"Hey APHMAU! Get up! Were going to be late for SCHOOL!" I said yelling in her ear. Man she is so hard to get up. I smirked.

"I'll eat your pancakes if you don't wake up~'' I said knowing she would kill me if I did."ASHLEY! DON'T you even think about it! Aphmau yelled at me. I pointed to the time on our clock.

Her eyes wided and ran to the bathroom. I had already had my uniform on so I went to the kitchen where our mom Sylvana, making us breakfast.

I sat down in the kitchen and was about to start eating when Aphmau ran down the stairs. I looked at eat and continued eating. After we finished eating our food our mom drove us to school.

On the way, she was talking abiut why we should stay away from boys. Trust me when I say she always tells us aboyt this same topic.

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