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mdhabibullah Thought i would write again.
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I wrote this during my college admission. I was sitting at home for a year.


Legs are moving

Shuffling without any rhythm,

My eyes are getting blurred

Its not the only road

In thousands-

I am losing my way

Which one is right?

Is any one!

Am i getting away ?

With my rickety body

Can't go back

Lost the way long back

Nobody's showing me light

Nobody's calling from the front

I keep on moving

Without the thoughts of losing.

I just move on.

I pick a star and follow it blind.

I walk and walk towards to an end.

I am lost and maybe i was wrong

I lose my faith as it was too long.

I look up towards the sky

And another star looks promising than the last.

i walk with all my strength

I walk till i can't feel pain.

Do i know ?

Where is my destination!

Do i have to know!

Disappearance is my destination

Nowhere is my destination

Where nobody is me.

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