Should I make a new account?
Should I make a new account? formatting stories

mcghosty Ghosts are never truly gone
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Should I?

Should I make a new account?

So, the other day I saw a post by @commafultips. I thought the post had some great points about design and had some thought provoking content within it.

It inspired me to think about making another account dedicated solely to giving tips on how to write great stories for the Commaful platform.

I would love to give insight to Commaful designers new and old to be able to cultivate all the fruits that this platform has to offer.

Obviously this wouldn't be a daily thing. Probably once every 3-4 days. If I had to choose a minimum, I would say that twice a week would be a reasonable goal.

And, in case you're wondering, I would be stretching beyond just Commaful, and into story telling in general.

Obviously I'd still post on this account. It would be my "story and poem" account. I would like to remain constant and post new Commaful content once every two days for this account.

Comment if you're interested or have any questions down below. If this post gets enough likes (I’ll decide what that is in time), then I will create the new account.

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