The American Nightmare
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mayonaze I like to write poems. DM with ideas! :)
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A Poem about America's corrupt society...

The American Nightmare

This is not the American dream.

The people have changed.

Greedy, selfish, and wanting more.

We snatch money from those less fortunate,

"equal opportunities" we swore.

Giving guns to people who don't deserve a person's life in their hands.

Cures for food born and genetic illnesses produced ONLY in America -

constantly in demand.

We have a false image that we're trying to be,

why is everyone so trapped if this is the land of the free.

Children dehydrating,

yet we waste water.

Constant gun related violence,

endless slaughter.

We need to wake up.

This is not The American Dream,

enough is enough!

Bullying in schools,

division of races,

judging people by the color of their skin on their faces.

Illegal immigrants searching for more.

But they don't know America today, isn't what it was before.

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