Writing Prompt #04
Writing Prompt #04 stories

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Hey peoples! Here’s my fourth one, hope you like it 😄 This one is more of a fantasy, and is centered around the aquatic world, I guess you could say. Comment below what you think!

Writing Prompt #04

“What the heck is that?” He said, his eyes wide.

A beautiful horse-like creature jumped out of the sea and swam up to the shore. It had a long, scaly tail like a mermaid’s and it’s upper half looked the same as a horses.

The creature had no mane, but a row of green and blue spikes going down the top of its neck.

It was tinted blue and had deep, dark blue eyes.

“That,” She said, “Is our ride.”

She checked her watch.

“Right on time I see.” And she smiled and the magnificent creature.

It whinnied and stomped the ground.

“Okay okay, chill. We’re coming.” She told the impatient creature.

But, (name) was stuck still. Frozen, like he was part of a wax museum, still gaping at the creature.

“Well come on we haven’t got all day.”

He slowly walked towards it and followed (name) onto the back.

“Wait wait wait, where are we going on the back of this...” He paused, trying to find the right word, but couldn’t, “Thing.”

“Guess you’ll have to find out!” She smiled at him, “Hold on!”

She clicked her tongue and they rode into the waves.

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