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maya2rocksInspiration can be found in weird places
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Just another poem


Maybe he was out of her league.

Or maybe she was out of his.

They were strangers , they were shy.

Messages they sent, to strengthen their bond.

So they send more letters more notes, their hearts growing in love.

They became bold and their shells broke

To reveal the wonderful exterior once hidden.

Even magic can not be compared to love

So perhaps the bond between them will blossom even more.

And within themselves they might find true joy.

All they need to do is look within

The question to ask is; what will they seek?

When will they begin to look ?

How soon before they feel the beautiful thing they have ?

How soon before they feel the love?

If they really matter to their selves.

A map they will find to rekindle their spirit.

That wonderful spirit of love.

Or maybe they will break it and let it fly free.

Unless these sweethearts decide to make lovely memories.

Just remembrance is enough to care, enough to love

Even when the other half is no more.

The love lives on forever

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