Hope and Despair
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Before you read, English is not my native language. So there might be some grammatical mistake. Bear with me. This is my first time writing a story kind of thing..... hope you like it.

Hope and Despair

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

A king who is said to have everything, fails to protect his family…Out of shame, he lays himself down, quivering in his bed but as harsh as fate can be,

he was soon stricken with an incurable disease. For a man to shame the oath he once swore and yet to never abandon it.

His pride just couldn’t allow it. He allowed fatigue he had been fighting off since this morning to take over and pull him to sleep.

As he sinks deeper and deeper into despair, he was blinded by his own ego and hatred. His simple selfishness caused him to be frozen in place.

It was as if he was looking through a broken mirror. His mind was covered in distress. At the point of sanity and insanity, common-sense dictates, fear stops, builds, and accumulates inside.

Without a doubt, facing death’s doorstep under these circumstances brings a humiliation that echoes throughout every fiber of his being.

Despite all that, in deep down he knows that he had no tools to survive and yet he was still clinging onto life.

A will to live…

Then he came to a realization that nothing he does would change his cruel fate. Alone among others, he wanted to change its own destiny and perhaps become something new.

But all this is just useless dream now, is it? And all that left for him is emptiness and bitter taste. As death slowly and slowly approaches, he smiled with a steel look in his eyes.

Rising to his feet, he looks into the sky, to his new life, new adventure and his Death.

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