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maxoppermann Community member
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When life makes love turn to hate

Roses to flames

Field of morbid games

I AM always too late

Dispair or saddness

Vow to get better

Though knowing is the latter

I slowly drown in maddness

Running away

From all, my reflection

Deaf to my deception

Dreaming of a New day

When walls seem closer

Future looks hollow

Shattered plans to follow

Shallow life whispering be over

To bleed is to feel alive

Feel pain to breathe

And you cant conceive

The world behind my eyes

But is there i smile

There i laugh

The place i have

Home perfect title

Be it or nest

Written destiny

Carving up the best of me

And you wish it doesnt last

When my soul is hurting

Carrying on my back a ton

Of decisions made wrong

And the weight of being a burden

To myself or peers

Often too scary

Best friend imaginary

Wipes my frozen tears

Garden of hope

City of light

Sun shinning bright

A ficction i wrote

Why my touch is sad

My smile deceives

Under a pile of fallen leaves

A lovely poet lives inside my head

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