My commaful family. <3
My commaful family.

<3 @imaginarywriter stories

max_kender You know I'm the worlds biggest brat. :P
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te he i sis being cute lol

My commaful family. <3

@topdeathgun81 My ride or die. My lover. My husband. My everything. My shoulder to cry on. My cute baby boy. My once in a lifetime. You mean so much to me. And you are so much more. My forever. I love you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

@kiva_stacey_24 My wifey! Luv ya bestie!You are so sweet and kind and just UGHHHHHHHH LOL WILL YOU STOP SAYING YOU AREN'T WORTH IT!!! You are worth so much more than you think, wifey. I wuv you! *Squish face* LOL <3

@imaginarywriter My commaful buddy and my ramen bro. My second follower and the one who's been here since. I've got your back and i know you got mine, Rosey! <3

@ryaaa3 Buddies! Te he she is so nice to me and she is so sweet. And she was one of my first followers. Thanks for believing in me <3

@roxine_sound BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!!!!!! You were so kind to me on one of my worst days. And I thank you. <3

@bakubro0829 My Hero Academia buddies! Your kindness was very much apreciated and YOU ARE AMAZING MYLES AND YOU ARE PERFECT!!! LOL <3

@pouncingfoxmoon You're adorable!!! LOL You are very nice to me and we literally just met lol Thanks for being a good person. <3

@still_anon You are very sweet and kind. Thanks for being nice to me! AND YOU ALSO LIKE DESTINY BLUE!!!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOL! <3

@natedabest Yes, there may be bumps in the road. But eventually, you'll learn to steer around them. Good luck on your journey. I'll be here if you need someone. :) <3

@_little_psycho_ You were always nice to me. You showed me a kindness and I owe you one back. So, I am still here. For BOTH of you. I know how all of this feels. I've been through roads with not just bumps but mud slicks, crater-sized pot holes, and icey roads. I can help you. As long as you heed my advice. <3

@milkyshy You are a sweet heart. You really have a lot of problems, not gonna lie, but you can fight the darkness surrounding you. You can fight back, just keep pushing. <3

You all mean so much to me and I realize that without all of your support, there's no telling what i'd do without you all. Love, Pain, Fear, Hope, and darkness. I am here for you all. <3 KC

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