The Heart of My Creation
The Heart of My Creation transformers stories

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What happen when your favorite characters of comic, manga, videogames and all of fiction come to the real world? Experience how many iconic characters form different franchises clash at each other for the survival of ourl world when a mysterious and new villain appears in our world.

PD: This fanfiction is heavily based on the anime RE: Creators but of course with some original details. Hope you enjoy.

The Heart of My Creation

The world we live in is a strange world. It is a world where reality is distorted. Where people do not see what is real and what fiction is. We live in a world where people escape extraordinary worlds, full of fantasy and action to express themselves as they really want. This world believes in different deities to place their faith. Jehovah, Zeus, Odin, Allah ...

But many people do not realize that, by creating a story or a small literary fragment, they become a God for creation. Every person who creates a character becomes the god of his creation whether he knows it or not. Writers have an unimaginable power that is to create and mold a world at will.

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